The Journey ………….it’s not a destination.


Snake-charmer, burlesque feature, belly-dancer, fire-performer, model, rock singer, and edu-tainer for all ages Dolce Vita has been entertaining from the stage for over 20 years. Beginning in childhood dance recitals in colorfully sparkled costumes on the grand stage of the Orpheum Theater, to 4 years of plays, musicals, choirs, and orchestra concerts in elegant and eccentric costumes in high school led on to avant-garde theater at The Blue Barn & Shelterbelt Theaters and Snap! Productions, various performance art pieces at public venues throughout the city, and former singer of 2013 OEAA Best Cover Band of the Year Bennie and the Gents, a 1970’s glitter glam rock band. Finding a fitting niche in the bedazzled and ostentatiously costumed world of burlesque, Dolce Vita is a founding and former member of Omaha’s 1st neo-burlesque troupe The Hot Tail Honeys and The Green Fairy costumed events at House of Loom. Along with the Omaha snake BlondieS, Dolce Vita always has something stunning to enchant a crowd whatever the occasion, art, medium, musical genre, or moment may be………….

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